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Tver is a small replica of St. Petersburg

Sightseeing tour around Tver  (2 hours)

Tver has an outstanding history. The city was founded in 1135. From 1247 until 1485 Tver was the capital of the Tver principality.
Our city has survived Tatar-Mongolian yoke and became one of the best cities of Russia in the epoch of Сatherine the Great. The history of Tver is connected with such people as a Tver merchant and traveler Afanasy Nikitin, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, architects Matvey Kazakov and Karlo Rossi and others. Nowadays you can see unique monuments of architecture of the 16–18th centuries: the White Trinity church, Travel palace of Catherine the Great (which was built for the tzar’s family) and some merchants’ country-seats. 

There are some unique monuments in Tver, for example an elegant sailing vessel on the high bank of the river Volga. On board of the vessel there is a monument to Afanasy Nikitin – a great Russian traveler and merchant, who is also famous for his book «Travelling over three seas». From this place in 1468 he started his dangerous voyage to unknown India and became the first European who reached this exotic country. The monument to Afanasy Nikitin is situated between two bridges across the Volga called «The Old Bridge» and «The New Bridge».
During all its history Tver has been a large trading, industrial, scientific and cultural center of Russia. In different times Tver was visited by such famous writers and poets as N.M. Karamzin, H.K. Batushkov, O.A. Kiprensky and others. In 1820-1830 great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin used to visit Tver more than once. The building of the inn «Galiany» where the poet used to stay still exists.

The population of our city is about half a million people. The city is situated in 167 km from Moscow and in 485 km from St. Petersburg. Ancient, but still young Tver is always eager to demonstrate true Russian hospitality to its guests.