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Excursion to the ancient Torzhok

Torzhok is an ancient town, which is situated on the banks of the river Tvertza. The town was built on eight hills and till nowadays it remains very picturesque. 

Since the 12th century it was known as Novy Torg. The town is famous for its handicrafts, especially for golden sewing, which exists today. Torzhok is a monument of urban architecture of the 17th-19th centuries. It is in the list of 116 Russian cities and towns, which are considered to be the architecture reserve of Russia. Borisoglebsky monastery and the Cathedral of the Transfiguration are its main attractions nowdays.

The most famous Russian poet A.S. Pushkin visited Torzhok more than 20 times. The poet was a regular guest of the famous inn owned by D.E. Pozharskaya in the beginning of the 19th century. She was well-known for her skills to make kwas and very tasty chicken cutlets. Pushkin dedicated her some of his poems.

Not far from Torzhok there is a village Mitino with its churchyard Prutnya. It became a landmark because of the tomb of Anna Kern. Pushkin was in love with this remarkable woman and dedicated her one of his most famous poems «I remember a fairy moment of my life…». Here there is a functioning church built in 1777.

In Torzhok there is a unique school of golden sewing and a museum of golden sewing.